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For reasons of better readability, the simultaneous use of the language forms male, female (m/f) is dispensed with. All personal names apply equally to all genders.

Description / explanation:

Customers (= includes business customers / companies and private customers)

partner (= EDP-GURU partner companies that sell directly to customers in their own corporate name)

IT guru customer (= direct customer-contract is concluded between the company "EDV-Guru" and customers)

Partner customers (= Customer contract comes about between partner and the customer)

What or who is the IT guru / definition

The IT guru is a hybrid Saas, a marketplace (similar to the well -known marketplace "Amazon") merged with a database indexed search engine (similar to the well -known search engine "Google"). In addition, the platform offers many other functionalities (such as the "Swiss pocket knife")) For customers and partners.

Requirements for the partnership / IT guru partner

In order to be able to offer services and products at IT guru, the following requirements are required:

Particular Personal & company -related data, like name and company

Business book number (if available) or the date of birth With natural, not in Business directory registered persons

address or business address

Business or vocational authorization

Email address and a telephone number to be announced



Why and why become a partner? / IT guru

The IT guru market platform is the The only platform for the EDP industry subsequent also "suppliers" of the IT industry Which is available on the Internet, The IT consulting, marketing, sales and payment platform completed in a marketplace.
"Killer-USP" Compared to other marketplaces is that here Services through inclusion and exclusive criteria as a fixed offer with defined prices to provide. It is clear that the predefined offers will not pick up 100% of the customers, but depending on the service, between 80-90% of the "standard" needs covers the prospect. The special focus is on recurring services.
As additional
Partner-oriented solution (especially for high and recurring sales volume) fully automated accounting software (which is available in the full “property” of the respective partner, GDPR-compliant) with a cooperation partner. (optional)
The direct sale including direct payment of services is banned compared to all other common marketplaces (such as: Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram and Co), according to their terms and conditions, only a reference to your own website is allowed.
Products (which are allowed in the platforms mentioned above) play a Subordinated supporting role (This is associated with the fact that hardware today Low margins are possible - insofar as there is no in -house production). The “hardware” should therefore be offered together with services by the respective partners at best.
The market platform is
no Meta search engine around Compare prices and find the cheapest offer.
The aim of the platform is to make A-Z in the IT industry to make a desired solution to be found for each customer.
The focus for the customer is a "felt" personal, quick and competent advice, as well as finding the respective solutions from the EDP industry.
With the motivation for our partners, the IT guru with the motto: "Strength locally, think globally", as a strong partner.

Partner info / open beta

Open beta refers to a test phase of a product, in which it is accessible to everyone, instead of only for selected testers or developers. This phase serves to test the product before the official publication and to receive feedback from a wider user base. In contrast, the closed beta, in which the product is only accessible to selected testers, is available.

The open beta phase, Only applies to IT-GURU partners, Customers are not affected by the beta phase and already benefit from the many EDP guru advantages.

At 1.1,2024 we officially leave the open beta status.

How does the contract between partners and customers come about / contractual partner

The purchase contract is concluded between you as a partner and customer. So you are sellers of your services & products, The IT guru conveys the sale. They are therefore also responsible for fulfilling the contract. For customers it is always transparently visible which partner is bought from.

Functions for customers / "know-how"

The IT guru is via browser and as an app (IOS and Android) available

A picture that contains the text, sign.

Imitates personal advice - 24/7 personal online video advice (translation of all videos - Half -automatically using AI Digital Human Generator - The human avatar adapts to the ethnic background, available in 18 other languages, the starting language is German - a total of 19 languages) This creates its own advisory matrix (this is in consistent expansion, and is located at the moment still under construction)
It is a multi-stage question answer logic and leads to the services and products they are looking for, and should therefore round off personal advice.

A picture that contains text, mountain, display.

A picture that contains text, electronics, display, screenshot.

Chatbot (Languages: German, English, Italian, French, Mongolian)
including connection to the new available AI (artificial intelligence)
Chatt (Available languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese)

A picture that contains text.

fully automatic integrated translation of all texts in 18 more Languages, The starting language is German (19 total)

fully automatic location detection - The prices adapt to the respective location fully automatically (currency conversion) and are displayed in the respective currency of the country

Interactive guide - digital manual (currently only available in German)

A picture that contains text.

Intelligent database indexed search engine (Multilingual, 19 languages)

A picture that contains text.

Catalog function (15 categories)

Company sizes, industry, location filters (These are later in front of industry landing pages)

Desired list (Favorite marking)

Combi package
Here, customers can find various meaningfully combined services or product bundles. These can be offered together by one or more combined partners.

Payment options for customers
(with security standards and potential fraud analysis) at banking level

Customer reviews + After-Sales Automations
Software is used here for your own customer loyalty, this collects fully automatic product reviews with photos and videos from customers.

Automation interface - connection - ""
Connected at the moment: Fastbill (main accounting), WordPress (news archive) and much more.
Zapier is an automation tool with which you can connect different online services and create automated workflows (so-called "zaps"). With Zapier you can, for example, to import data from a form software into a spreadsheet, automatically send emails if something changes in a certain database, and much more. It supports over 5,000 popular applications such as Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, Mailchimp, etc.

Clear legal labeling of the respective provider (Provider / Vendor)

fully automatic recurring payment option (possible at freely definable intervals, such as: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, every six months, annually)

Gift vouchers (including optional photo & video message possible for the recipient)

Customer & partner - backend panel (Surface to be able to access different administrative surfaces)

Service -oriented display of information and advisory content - Is As a rule, there is rather extensive, so there are incoming and fold-out menus in an outstanding consciously chosen color, the first point always contains several additional so-called "tab" rider- (Figure 18). Figure 19 shows the closed view. Figure 20 shows a standardized content that the partners by "day" Word can display fully automatically in your product

A picture that contains text, screenshot, monitor, inside.

Roadmap - functions for customers / "know -how" in pipeline 

Interactive guide (further expand for 18 other languages)

Speed ​​improvement of the website

Further optical improvements on the website


Partner variants + Functions for partners / "know-how"

Many Companies want innovative tools and thus Use connected improvements in your company, often there is a lack of EPU (individual companies) to SMEs (small and medium-sized and medium-sized business) companies in the necessary "know-how". In addition, there is a complexity in the implementation, which often comes out Lack of time or missing resources are not pursued further Or go under in the "everyday business".
Enterprise companies have often already developed their own solutions. However, these often have "Insel solutions" approaches and in the best case an API (developer) interface, where extreme time and money are necessary with every change, so, further self -contained systems, which means that these often only form added value within a company, but not for the customer.
The tools that can be brought into your own company with a cooperation via the IT guru lead to inter-company improvements & changes as well as in the customer.
With the IT guru in cooperation, new standards are set for your own company.

The IT guru offers 4 different partnerships at:

The partnership "Guru-Shop / Baisc" is a classic, simple online shop variant that is primarily intended for smaller companies, or an entry "get to know" variant.

This is consciously offered by 0,- euros and represents a "advance payment" on the part of the IT guru system (supervised infrastructure costs). The essential added value for the IT guru brings the content entered, which in turn leads to a better ranking in Google and Co or can be found on the Internet.

To run your own online shop, you need "know-how" and resources. The advantage of "Managed" Online shop, which through the EDP ​​guru is maintained and serviced, these prerequisites are completely eliminated.
Only a description of your own services or the product as well as image (mandatory) or video material (if available) are therefore a very low "entry-level hurdle".

The basic variant is limited to 50 services or products, 10 of which can be used as a subscription service.
Support and "accompaniment" during onboarding are only available via email and chat.

A picture that contains the table.

The partnership "Guru-Shop / Essential" variant On the other hand, for Innovative and cooperative companies thoughtwho also want to take the necessary time to make changes to their company to prepare for the approaching age and the associated new real economic conditions.

For this, this offer goes further beyond the basic variant, whereby the larger one is not "only" here
Number of products and services, as well as the recurring subscription services (150/50 pieces) be increased.

But also a possible Importing using prepared Excel Table is possible. A Additional support via telephone and remote maintenance is also offered.

The heart is the cooperation platform (which can be used to exchange information, cooperation, collaborative projects at customers, joint offers with the other EDP guru partners, expansions and much more).

20 pieces with a human avatar (IT guru) generated videos are included, others are optionally possible.

Connection to the fully automatic invoicing in your own design and in full "possession" of your own company.


A picture that contains the table.

A picture that contains text.

The partnership "Guru-Shop / Partner" variant Go one step further again and offers all "guru shop/ essential" content and the following features are added.

A separate quality-good seal of EDV-Guru. With a special certificate and wax seal.

Additional partner visibility on the IT guru maps card.
50GB cloud storage for your own company can be used as a backup and can also be useful for community collaborations.
One Personal email alias EDV-GURU email address that are forwarded to your own business.

Unlimited products and services (fair-use principle) complete the package.

A picture that contains the table.

The partnership "Guru-Shop / Franchise" variant manufactures the largest and closest partnership with the IT guru.

It naturally includes all partner features and stabs with the significant difference to open a real location or several with the IT guru brand, with all the associated rights and obligations.
Ideal for new founders and companies that want to start their own branch network.

All necessary digital content and access are made available.

1x personal regional IT guru website can be created completely independently with full access (in compliance with the CI)
Common and individual marketing measures.

Training & training, brand accessories can be easily ordered.
Only one of the existing categories or IT knowledge is required as a prerequisite. There is also a lack of competencies to supplement other IT guru franchise and certified partners.

A picture that contains the table.

A picture that contains text.

All features included in all partner variants

A fast database indexed search leads to a faster finding of the desired solutions

No knowledge, at Basic variant no costs, necessary to open an online shop

Discount codes for customer groups or customers (fair-use)

 Digital gift vouchers for customers (personalizable)

IT guru available as Android and iOS (many paths lead to the IT guru)

Management of one's own services and products (price, texts etc.)

fully automatic translation of your own text into 18 other languages, more reach

All legal requirements are done for our partners

Automatic news from the shop to the internal partner chat (in News Channel)

Encryption and security are always ready for our customers and partners

Payments, which fraudulent actions in the payment process require, are filtered and blocked by our system for you

Universal advertisement on all end devices

Quick and easy payment, regardless of your location possible worldwide

Support via chat and email

Interactive manual

Automatic currency display in the respective country

B2B friendly price display gross / net

recurring payment acceptance without time -consuming and complex SEPA mandate (bank)

Simple and practical general descriptions add to the products and services through individual “day” (keywords)

Direct transfer of order to the company internal email address

Variable tax rates are optionally possible

View products and services directly on your own website (optional)

Various direct contact options for partner companies can be displayed

The contract comes directly between customers and partners.

Roadmap - functions for partners / "know -how" in pipeline

Statistical and content evaluation of the search results around partners Customer wishes or to improve your own range

Own shop baking platform (for further language input beyond German)

Finding management consultants above all who can accompany the digitization process in combination with funding.

Customer needs / problem

An immediate Problem for customersthat need IT services is fundamental necessary offer request as well as the comparison of this. Manual expenses, lack of understanding of one's own needs and lack of specialist knowledge, as well as time -related advice and payment make the solution process difficult.
In detail, there are several reasons why it can be difficult for customers to obtain offers from companies. One of them is the lack of transparency in terms of prices and services.
A study by the University of Augsburg (Götz, 2015) has shown that many companies are not willing to name concrete prices or performance details before a contract has been concluded. This can be too Conscientacy and confusion with customersthat find it difficult to compare offers from various companies.

Another reason is that many companies Request a high number of offersbefore you make a decision. A study by the University of Southern California (Kahn & Byosiere, 2011) has shown that customers often obtain several offers from companies to ensure, that you get the best price. However, this can be time -consuming and tedious and can lead to customers being heard.

A third reason is that customers often have difficulty To understand offers from companies, since these are often written in technical jargon and technical details. A study by the Harvard Business Review (HBR, 2014) has shown that many customers have difficulties, to understand the offers they receive and that this often leads to misunderstandings and wrong decisions.

Overall, there are many reasons why it can be difficult for customers to obtain offers from companies. This includes a lack of transparency, time expenditure, advice often only personally and limited in time, and ongoing payments are often only possible by manual process on the part of the customer, as well as difficulties in understanding offers.
Companies should strive to make their offers clearly and understandable and to ensure,
that you contain all relevant information to enable customers to make an informed decision.


Götz, O. (2015). Transparency in the price and performance of service companies. University of Augsburg

Kahn, B. E., & Byosiere, P. (2011). A Meta-Analytic Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Requesting and Receiving Social Support. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96

Customer solution-IT guru / solution

The core of the idea is one New innovative platform (the Available over 2 paths is / 1: as a website -domain / 2: as App in the Apple and Android Store) to provide customers.

The target group encompasses as a customer B2B & B2C What solutions In the IT industry or. sometimes also "suppliers" of the IT industry (A logical example of this is a photographer, for a website you need professional pictures).

The platform also delivers Information and advice on free tools and practical applications.

Target groups / customers for our partners

Target group 1: Business customers and companies

  • Company size: self-employed, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) up to large companies
  • Industry: IT, finance, production, services, trade, etc.
  • Requirements: simple and quick search for suitable IT service providers and products, option to compare offers, safety and data protection, integration into existing systems

Target group 2: private customers

  • Age: 18-65 years
  • Profession: professionals, students
  • Requirements: simple navigation, transparent price structure, customer support, possibility to evaluate service providers and products

Analysis market situation / customers for our partners

The online consumption of services has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to increase in the future. One reason for this is the increasing availability and use of internet-enabled devices as well as the increasing acceptance of online transactions. A study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) from 2018 has shown that the online sales of services in the USA from 2014 to 2018 have grown by an average of 12.6 percent per year and is expected to be 14 percent of total service sales by 2020 by 2020 will make out (source: "The Future of Online Services", BCG, 2018).

Another factor is the convenience that offer online services. Customers can use services at any time and from anywhere without having to leave the house. This is perceived as very attractive by many people, especially in times of Covid-19. According to a survey by the digital association Bitkom of 2020, 60 percent of those surveyed stated that they used online services during pandemic (source: "Corona crisis accelerates the online trend", Bitkom, 2020).

Also the Possibility to compare and evaluate servicescontributes to the fact that more and more people use online services. "The transparency of the offers and the opportunity to find out about the experiences of other customers increase trust in online services and lead to higher demand," says Prof. Dr. Christian Homburg, professor of marketing at the University of Mannheim (source: "Online services are enjoying growing popularity", University of Mannheim, 2020).

Another important factor is the introduction of new payment standards such as debit cardsthat enable consumers to pay more easily online. According to a study by Mastercard "in Germany, more than two thirds of all map payments are made with debit cards instead of credit cards" (MasterCard, 2020). This makes it easier for consumers to acquire services on the Internet because they can pay faster and easier.
(Source: Mastercard (2020). Debit cards overtake credit cards.)

In Austria, too, the development of the "simple" ATM card for a Debit card / MasterCard (similar to the credit card) has also been A change of Austrian and international banks, which is still running, to debit cards to make a contribution to helping online payment to be greater acceptance.
(Source: accessed on January 23, 2023 from )

The original European SEPA payment system is with great administrative effort and restrictions (no international focus) and is therefore a less practical payment solution for the IT guru platform. (Source: accessed on 23.01.2023

In summary, it can be said that the online consumption of services will continue to increase due to the increasing availability and use of internet-enabled devices, the increasing acceptance of online transactions, convenience and the possibility of comparing and evaluating services.

Brand / brand

The company always benefits indirectly from the fact that the word "EDV-Guru" in German-speaking countries is a common known name.
IT stands for "electronic data processing" and Guru means "expert" or "teacher" on Hindi and Sanskrit. Also in International context is "Guru" a well -known name for expert status. The term is used to describe someone who is very experienced and competent in the use of computer and IT systems.

Charity / joint actions with partners

The IT-GURU supports, in Austria and other countries